PSOTC.6.2 Tactical Protection of Civilians in PSO Course


Course Aim:

 To provide the key personnel/HQs deploying on UN PKO with a shared understanding of basic elements of UN Protection of Civilians (POC), the importance of POC for the mission success, and how to integrate the military and other agencies' efforts regarding POC in multidimensional contemporary PKO. 

Course Subjects:

- Explain the range of protection objectives encompassed in PSO activities.

- Describe the protection, the range of protection threats facing civilians, and the role of military/police

   in protecting against those threats.

- Describe what are protection and the range of protection threats facing civilians and the role of

  military/police in protecting against those threats.

- Explain the meaning of critical language in UN POC mandates and identify the range of legal rules,

  authorities and obligations with regards to POC.

- Explain the DPKO/DFS Operational Concept on the Protection of Civilians in UN Peacekeeping

  Operations (“Tiers” and “Phases” and how they are connected).

- Explain how the failure to protect civilians can affect the credibility of the mission and the UN.

- Describe the range of protection threats and civilian vulnerabilities that need to be considered, and

  how different types of threat/vulnerability impact the response.

- Have a better understanding of definitions of terms used when discussing sexual violence (SV) in

  operations, the mandate on SV and the challenges and dilemmas facing military and civilian

  decision-makers in the field.

- Understand the main concepts and framework relevant to gender and explain why gender is

   important to PSO.


Up to 22 national and international participants.
The course is dedicated for peacekeepers that will deploy to various UN missions with POC Mandate. Participants may be of ranks from Senior NCO to LtCol and must have at least the following standards of proficiency in English (as described in NATO STANAG 6001): SLP 2, 2 ,2, 2. Computer skills: Basic computer handling (MS Office) is required.


The course will provide understanding of Protection of Civilians within UN PKO framework with the focus on tactical level leaders and HQ staff. In addition to POC, during the course emphasis will be also placed on Gender in PKO and Prevention of Sexual Violence.

Application deadline:  30 days before the start of activity.