PSOTC.3.2 UN Police Course


Course Aim:
To prepare police officers for UN Integrated/Multidimensional Peacekeeping Operations so they can work effectively with the outline objectives of the UN Security Council Resolutions mandate and to turn capable police officer into competent peacekeeper.
Course subjects:
  -        United Nations Peacekeeping
  -        Peace and Security Activities
  -        Principles of United Nations Peacekeeping
  -        Legal Framework for United Nations Peacekeeping
  -        Core Duties of UN Military Observerer
  -        Core Business of UN Police
  -        Security Council Mandates in Practice
  -        How Peacekeeping Operations Work
  -        Human Rights
  -        Protection of Civilians
  -        Security Sector Reform
  -        Women, Peace and Security
  -        Child Protection
  -        Working as One in the Mission
  -        Conduct and Discipline
  -        Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
  -        The Consequences of Misconduct /SEA
  -        HIV/AIDS
  -        Safety and Security for UN Personnel
  -        Use of Language Assistant
  -        Negotiation and Mediation
  -        Respect for Diversity
  -        Radio Communication
  -        Land Navigation, Map reading, GPS 
  -        Legal aspects of deploying BIH police services employees to peace keeping missions
  -        Reform, Restructuring and Rebuilding of Law Enforcement Agencies
  -        United Nations Police and Different Legal Systems
  -        Human rights standards in use of force
  -        Human rights standards in Arrest and Detention
  -        Report Writing
  -        Mentoring and Advising
  -        Community Based Policing
  -        Road Safety, 4x4 driving, Land navigation, shooting – practical
  -        A day in mission area – practical
  -        Police officer´s Mission experience
Up to 41 national and international participants.
Course is delivered in cooperation with Ministry of security BiH.
UN certified course.

Application deadline:  30 days before the start of activity