ACT.644.1 Counterinsurgency (COIN) Course


Course Aim:
The aim of the course is to introduce key leaders and trainers to concepts and doctrine related to counterinsurgency operations in order to create a framework of understanding of the differences between counterinsurgency and conventional warfare and introduce COIN definitions and principles.

Course subjects:
COIN Operational Environment and Effects of the Environment
Insurgency Nature, Strategies, and Fundamentals
COIN Fundamentals
Leadership in COIN
Lessons Learned and Best Practices in COIN
Participants may be of the ranks from Senior NCO to LtCol. (OR7-OF4), from NATO, PfP, MD, ICI.
Pre-requisites: Participants should be selected trainers and key leaders who will be deployed on operations. Language proficiency: English language IAW STANAG 6001: 2,2,2,2.
Up to 40 national and international participants.
SACEUR'S Annual Guidance on ETEE (SAGE), 2012-2016 in terms of strategic direction centre main effort as support to current operation (ISAF in particular) while the focus for individual training is COIN training. Bi-SC Counter-Insurgency (COIN) Joint Operational Guidelines (JOG) stresses COIN as the cornerstone to ISAF strategy in Afghanistan. While individual nations are responsible for their own pre deployment training continuum it is vital that trainers and leaders are introduced in COIN Doctrine and fundamentals before pre-deployment training starts in order to integrate COIN in all aspects of individual and collective training.
Many of these concepts are applicable to PSO where understanding of human terrain is key to success.
The course has been certified by NATO ACT as “NATO  Approved Course”.
Application deadline:  30 days before the start of activity