PSOTC.9.2 Euro—Atlantic Security Course


Course Aim:
To expand the theoretical foundations of the factors affecting security policy and the development and organisation of „the Architecture“ of  European Security.  The emphasis will be placed on the various organisations that deal with the European Security, such as: NATO, OSCE, EU, and particularly on its Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).

Course subjects:
The contemporary geopolitical context in Eurasian region

The factors influencing future global geopolitical context

The role of the global geopolitical players in Euro Atlantic Security

The role of regional and international organizations in Euro Atlantic S(UN, NATO, OSCE)

The EU Common Security and Defence Policy

The course is dedicated to the civilian students and military officers in rank of Captain-Lieutenant Colonel (OF-2 up to OF-4). Participants should have proficiency in English as described in STANAG 6001: 2, 2, 2, 2. Other pre-requisites include basic knowledge of computer handling skills.
Training and education provided by prominent military and civilian instructors and lecturers  from world renowned 

The Course is certified by the Faculty of Political Science, the University of Sarajevo in accordance with Bologna process with 6 ETCS as an elective subject at the first year of postgraduate studies in politology and security studies.
Application deadline:  30 days before the start of activity