ACT.654.1 Building Integrity For Senior NCO Course


Course Aim:

To raise awareness of corruption and promote integrity by strengthening the leadership and management skills of the Senior NCOs in order to enhance their professionalism, competency and effectiveness in national and multinational working environment.
Course subjects:

Corruption, its nature and prevalence in the personal and functional context.
Function of the rule of law and its role in building integrity and its function in countering corruption.
Roles and functions of major organizations, domestic and international, involved in defence integrity building and anti-corruption activities.
Personal conduct and how this can be reinforced.
Corruption risks within defence procurement and disposal process
Corruption risks and challenges on a mission.
Senior NCOs – OR7 and above
Up to 40 national and international participants.

All lectures are delivered by AF BiH and international instructors in English Language. The course is a part of PSO Staff NCO Course but is also available as a standalone module.
Required Language skills:
STANAG 2-2-2-2
Computer skills: Basic computer handling (MS Word and PPT) is highly desirable.

The course has been certified by NATO ACT as “NATO  Approved Course”.
Application deadline:  30 days before the start of activity