ACT.646.2 Building Integrity in PSO Course



Course Aim: 

The aim of the Course is to educate and train selected military officers and civilian /police personnel practices and processes and deliver a skill set that enables them to understand and counter the various types of corruption that undermines mission success in multinational PSO.

Course subjects:

Corruption elements
Personal and Professional Integrity
Legal Framework
Personnel Issues
Interactions within Host Nation/AOR and Values-Based Stability Operations
Unit Assets
Procurement and Contracting
Building Sustainable Trust in AOR
Developing Host Nation Capacity in Transparency, Good Governance and Ethics

Capstone Exercise


Up to 32

The course is dedicated to military and police officers, from all services; rank ranged Captain- Lieutenant Colonel (OF2—OF4) and police equivalent officers.


All lectures are delivered by AF BiH and international instructors and lectures.


The course has been certified by NATO ACT as “NATO  Approved Course”.

Application deadline:  30 days before the start of activity