Course Aim:

To prepare police officers for UN Integrated/Multidimensional Peacekeeping Operations so they can work effectively with the outline objectives of the UN Security Council Resolutions mandate and to turn capable police officer into competent peacekeeper.

Course subjects:

A Strategic Level Overview of UN Peacekeeping
The Establishment and Functioning of UN Peacekeeping Operations
Effective Mandate Implementation
Protection of civilians in Peacekeeping
Security Sector Reform
Standards, Values and Safety of UN Peacekeeping Personnel
Mediation/Negotiation and use of Language Assistants
Land Navigation, UN Police
Radio Communication, UN Police
Report Writing, UN Police
Reform, Restructuring and Rebuilding of Law Enforcement Agencies
Human Rights standards in Arrest and Detention Human Rights standards in Use of Force and Firearms
Core business of UN Police and its key partners
UN Police and Different Legal Systems
Mentoring and Advising
Community Based Policing
Road Safety and 4x4 driving, shooting and weapon handling
Sexual and gender based crimes


Up to 40 police officers, national and international.

REMARKS: Course is delivered in cooperation with Ministry of security BiH.

Reference: The Course is certified by the UN.

Application deadline: 30 days before the start of activity.