Course Aim:

The aim of the DA training is to familiarise military officers whose careers have previously been only or mostly national with the multinational security and DA environment. It includes a broad introduction to the international security environment, while the DA module of the training mainly focuses on professional skills and technical DA training.

Course subjects:

The Changing International Security
Environment Defence Attaché: Tasks, Selection and Training
Defence Attaché: An influential Diplomat in the Embassy
The Defence Attaché Community
What are the objectives of a Defence Attaché tour?
What are the challenges for a Defence Attaché in the 21st Century?


Up to 40 national and international participants.
This course offers an orientation course for new Defence Attaches. It is primarily designed for future Defence Attachés about to be sent abroad. However, Defence Attaches recently accredited to a country for the first time will also be welcomed, places permitting.

REMARKS: The course is delivered in cooperation with the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP). It analyses major international security questions, especially with regard to the “New Threats” agenda. It surveys practical issues of protocol, as well as knowledge and practices of international conventions that are an essential part of the task and builds confidence and experience trough a proven simulation of a “Defence Attaché tour”. The Course is delivered by national and international academics, instructors and subject matter experts, both military and civilian.

Application deadline: 30 days before the start of activity